Fall Wreath Tutorial with Mariel Hannah Photography

We are in November and are nearing the holiday season. When we think of the holidays, we think of parties. When we think of parties we think of being a guest or hosting a party at your house. The first thing your guests will see when they visit a party is the exterior decor of the house. We wanted to share with you a simple, quick, fun, easy and foraged wreath DIY that will spruce up door and leave guests excited to see whats inside that door.



Photography: Mariel Hannah Photography

Featured on: Utterly Engaged

Wooden twig wreath base
Maple Branch
Bittersweet Orange Branch
Seeded Eucalyptus
Red Ranunculus
Peach Ranunculus
White Ranunculus
Cotton Branch
Round canvas sheet or hearty paper in a cream tone


1. Start with a pre made wreath as your base. We will let you in on a little secret.. Goodwill is always stocked with funky wreaths that just need a little plucking and trimming of orignal decor. And they are usually under $3.99.


2. Start with your branches. Grabbing the Maple Branch, Cotton Branch and Bittersweet Orange Branch at random will actually give you a more foraged effect. Alternate with large and small branches.


3. Add in your Seeded Eucalyptus. Add some on top, exposed and some a bit more concealed so they peak through the hearty branches.


4. Next comes the florals. This looks best when bunched heavily in a corner, easing your way up to one side. Red, Orange and White Ranuculus were the florals we chose, but this can easily be switched out with a more seasonal floral.


5. Lastly, we took piece of canvas paper and traced a circle the diameter of the wreath. We then wrote (can be printed on or hand written in calligraphy) ‘Season Greetings’ and adhered it to the back of the wreath. Simply hang and enjoy!




Black Swan Halloween Feature in Grey Likes Weddings

“For our Black Swan shoot we were drawn to deep sultry colors such as merlots, plums, charcoals, rose’ and black. Our florals were loose and romantic, flowing with purple cotinus, red ranuculus, black pin cushions, privett berry, seeded eucalyptus, red hanging amaranthus, caramel antike and romantik antike garden roses. We used a black circular table which we dressed with black candle sticks, bronze candle holders, florals, black plates, feather winged chargers and black drinking chalices. Our fabulous black fondant cake made by De Coeur Bakeshop was an absolute show stopper. We placed it on a table in in the lake, to give the cake the illusion that it was floating. This same table was later used to balance our Black Swan in the water making it seem as she was walking on water.” -Lotta of MINT DESIGN


marielhannah-2 marielhannah-7 marielhannah-19 marielhannah-14 marielhannah-9 marielhannah-23 marielhannah-28 marielhannah-40 marielhannah-79 marielhannah-69 marielhannah-63 marielhannah-52 marielhannah-86 marielhannah-114 marielhannah-111 marielhannah-109 marielhannah-104 marielhannah-93 marielhannah-147 marielhannah-137 marielhannah-129 marielhannah-125 marielhannah-120 marielhannah-195 marielhannah-191 marielhannah-167 marielhannah-157 marielhannah-150 marielhannah-210 marielhannah-208 marielhannah-206 marielhannah-202 marielhannah-199 marielhannah-221 marielhannah-220 marielhannah-215 marielhannah-212 marielhannah-211 marielhannah-240 marielhannah-239 marielhannah-233 marielhannah-231 marielhannah-227 marielhannah-252 marielhannah-251 marielhannah-250 marielhannah-249 marielhannah-247 marielhannah-262 marielhannah-260 marielhannah-257 marielhannah-254

MINT DESIGN 1 Year in Business #girlboss

1  2  435

October 30th marked one year being in business as an Event Design company here in the Central Valley. Since our debut we have learned so much. Over the past year we have laughed harder than ever before, burned our fingers (literally, glue guns are dangerous!), cried tears of joy & sadness, felt overwhelmed and happiness all at the same time. Yes, it’s possible. In one year we have had the honor of planning and designing just under 10 events, one wedding, over 25 styled shoots and have been featured in numerous blogs and magazines worldwide. I just pinched myself!! Much of what we love about being a designer is being able to create something at the spur of the moment. Everyday with get to work with new clients, have new experiences, and begin new ventures in our business. Everyone is unique. We all have our opinions, wishes & wants, vision, dreams and aspirations. This is what I love so much about the industry. Mixing elements, visions, experiences and unexpected pieces together is what keeps our clients calling our phone. We are constantly learning and expanding our design, creativity and vocabulary alike.

“I recommend Lotta’s (MINT DESIGN) style and expertise for everything from romantic weddings to birthday soirees- from design details to party planning!” – Debi Lilly ‘Top 10 Event Planner of the World’

We don’t even know where to begin with all the Friendors we have gained! Math lesson: (Friend + Vendor= Friendor). Oh you guys. Where do we start? So much of being a strong team in this industry stems from being able to work closely with your peers. Each vendor brings something distinctive to the table. Whether it’s the paper products, florals, photography, specialty linens, balloons, alterations, videography, rentals, lighting, music or officiating (the list goes on), each vendor has a specific role unique to their craft. So we give a giant thank you and a hug as big as we can manage to each and every one of you! None of this would be possible without you. You know who you are! And friends, if you don’t, please look at our album titled MINT DESIGN Friendors and please LIKE their pages! We would also like to give a special shout out to the growing MINT DESIGN team! Amy, Ashley, Dagmar, Marcos (aka Mr. MINT) and most importantly our Fall/Winter Design Assistant Hanna! Thank you to the best team I could ever ask for!

Thank you for taking the time to read our little summary of our past year in business. We can’t wait for what’s in store for 2015! But for now, we are looking forward to our biggest event to date. An anniversary party for 1,000 plus people next week!

From the clients’ vision, to our design insight, to working hand in hand with our Friendors, it’s important to keep a balanced head and your eye on the task(s) ahead. But it doesn’t hurt to have a LOTTA fun along the way! ;)

-Lotta, Founder of MINT DESIGN

Two at the Zoo Birthday Party

Two at the Zoo Birthday Party for a very special little client! Happy Birthday Car Car! This little zookeeper and his little zookeeper friends got to experience all that a zoo has to offer… hippos, tigers, lions, monkeys, giraffes, rhinos, snakes, zebras and more! With each zookeeper’s very own binoculars, box of treats and, of course, their safari hat they were ready for these exotic animals. We also didn’t forget about the big zookeepers… they were given their own special set up with giraffes and monkeys accompanying them as well!

Event Design: Mint Design
Cookies & Cupcakes: Imperial Sweets
Cakes: Gimme Some Sugar Cakes
Balloons: Paradise Balloon Designs
Paper Products: Matinae Design Studio
Linens: All Celebrations Rental
Cupcake Stand, Tables & Chairs: Walker-Lewis Rents

10690_800857909957365_4307532434596697169_n 64249_800857926624030_1301699300847564277_n 1016626_800858173290672_6530653333214219189_n 1422440_800858053290684_2455417090515023398_n 1477511_800857879957368_646429283667031634_n 1609728_800858476623975_8122014500164138746_n 1794732_800858436623979_701904699205691646_n 1798027_800858193290670_1846614128307500378_n 1932316_800858473290642_2476017214389673198_n 10155036_800858096624013_5946497233763609597_n 10155059_800858266623996_2585251211959687017_n 10177249_800858249957331_8947737613343848040_n 10312539_800857993290690_2326583382264417164_n 10349954_800857893290700_2142260101256797185_n 10353021_800858403290649_8298324835152189380_n 10372231_800858376623985_2396742089296904961_n 10409527_800857936624029_3597568900854083609_n 10473773_800858186624004_4790038480822304878_n 10484700_800858306623992_6489970302372339499_n 10494861_800858009957355_3761737131673111611_n 10553356_800857883290701_1974170703217027825_n 10600617_800858269957329_1127337948662699353_n 10645116_800858026624020_7304715689919465400_n 10659291_800858359957320_555090167612018839_n 10660333_800858419957314_8160355600291750833_n 10689809_800858139957342_34817590009864921_n 10689960_800858006624022_6744579920785042095_n 10730777_800858286623994_1004093305826246779_n

Golden 50th Anniversary Party

50 years of marriage… what a milestone! Truly an amazing celebration to be a part of! We had quite the gold rush fever while designing this Golden 50th Anniversary Party. From golden tassels to golden balloons, from a golden kids table to a golden dessert table. We loved every minute of it!

Event Design & Florals MINT DESIGN
Cake Gimme Some Sugar Cakes
Cookies Imperial Sweets
Macarons De Coeur Bake Shop
Linens Walker Walker-Lewis Rents La Tavola Linen
Table All Celebrations Rental
Balloons Paradise Balloon Designs


10710527_785244891518667_2806867099997498524_n-2 10703736_785244144852075_5430084243598600362_n 10696201_785245028185320_3219061157400923979_n-2 10690338_785245444851945_3580615562272951126_n-2 10686596_785243664852123_5289744742005960305_n-2 10685744_785244861518670_662464901853727490_n 10685522_785245284851961_2286648384826269790_n-2 10676309_785244821518674_3954060446632277032_n-2 10670062_785244851518671_6395714680974163792_n-2 10665763_785244994851990_4951606457673910290_n-2 10665722_785245378185285_8079794850272982504_n 10665345_785245268185296_2105627399022857452_n-2 10665207_785243684852121_2215221576684118712_n-2 10649739_785244818185341_4915518026622708277_n 10649682_785243398185483_8920736367792116991_n-2 10646825_785245351518621_9035796480417812599_n 10640999_785243401518816_2715143556142516177_n-2 10616112_785244141518742_897117083969610615_n-2 10613087_785243384852151_7627052605593672022_n-2 10612897_785245578185265_904577936198542762_n-2 10606446_785245408185282_1684033755340584564_n 10599617_785245538185269_3001057280645400477_n 10538580_785245488185274_2472739400339741666_n 10468647_785244951518661_5328876883403759947_n 10441908_785245388185284_158314877721605486_n-2 10420782_785245041518652_5752179175551716965_n-2 10408603_785245014851988_9061661208083313643_n 10406584_785245301518626_1195978794109228451_n-2 10349216_785245081518648_8714068890172970695_n-2 10303377_785244981518658_9098649712875230476_n-2 10301938_785245134851976_330979791556589412_n-2 1976955_785245521518604_2348851343831501427_n 1937478_785245331518623_5595216274166961_n 1653353_785245248185298_3006333779719436057_n 1530400_785245214851968_1652138183017093647_n-2 1457545_785244934851996_744116635950361104_n 1229806_785245181518638_8018100004941566522_n 1174710_785245068185316_7932764701220681477_n-2

Late Summer Blooms

We were so thankful to be featured in Utterly Engaged with Mariel Hannah in September! Excerpt written by us below from our feature! Enjoy!
“Summer is going to be over in a few weeks, but the florals of the summer season are still abundant and are blooming in full force! Mint Design and Mariel Hannah Photography came together on a lovely Saturday afternoon, for a floral session in California to play, arrange and photograph their favorite flowers for September. And lucky for us, they are sharing with us what they created today. The blooms they used were fuchsia spray roses, bougainvillea, pink snap dragon, cream carnations, peach spray roses, fresh garden roses, violet globe amaranth and orange pin cushions. They snipped the blooms and arranged them in various types of vessels such as vintage brass, colored glass and milk glass. And lastly, they paired it and filled it with eucalyptus, evergreen foliage, pepper berry, wisteria and hanging green amaranthus. The florals came together so perfectly, creating a romantic and whimsical feel.” -Lotta, Owner of MINT DESIGN

TAKE NOTE: Flowers used
Pin Cushion
Seeded Eucalyptus
Green Amaranthus
Pepper Berry
Pink Snap Dragon
Cream Carnations
Fuchsia Spray Rose
Peach Spray Rose


































Dreaming of Peonies 100 Layer Cake Feature

Check out our dreamy styled shoot that was featured on 100 Layer Cake a few months back. We assure you it will get you dreaming of a soft summer day!

“For this dreamy styled bridal shoot, we were infludenced by soft tones, nature and lots of peonies! A swing suspended in the trees draped with a tulle veil flowed in the wind. The brides’ bridal bouquet had a natural freshly picked vibe made of fresh yellow garden roses; pink, cream and blush peonies, finished with foraged wisteria and jasmine. Gold candelabras, handmade antique furniture and dreamy sunlight made for a mystical ambiance. Our candid kitten moments were too sweet to pass up! This little kitten, who we named Khalessi wondered into our photoshoot and soon grew into our hearts and our home!” A word from Planner/Designer- Lotta from MINT DESIGN

marielhannah-1 marielhannah-2 marielhannah-4 marielhannah-9 marielhannah-13 marielhannah-14 marielhannah-20 marielhannah-23 marielhannah-24 marielhannah-31 marielhannah-34 marielhannah-35 marielhannah-39 marielhannah-41 marielhannah-44 marielhannah-47 marielhannah-52 marielhannah-53 marielhannah-54 marielhannah-60 marielhannah-61 marielhannah-63 marielhannah-66 marielhannah-67 marielhannah-68 marielhannah-71 marielhannah-74 marielhannah-77 marielhannah-79 marielhannah-81 marielhannah-82 marielhannah-83 marielhannah-84 marielhannah-88 marielhannah-89 marielhannah-91 marielhannah-99 marielhannah-101 marielhannah-107 marielhannah-110 marielhannah-111 marielhannah-112 marielhannah-113 marielhannah-116 marielhannah-118 marielhannah-119 marielhannah-122 marielhannah-124 marielhannah-128 marielhannah-130 marielhannah-135 marielhannah-136 marielhannah-137 marielhannah-149 marielhannah-152 marielhannah-154 marielhannah-160 marielhannah-161 marielhannah-162 marielhannah-163 marielhannah-164 marielhannah-166 marielhannah-170 marielhannah-172 marielhannah-182 marielhannah-183 marielhannah-186


Event Design & Florals: MINT DESIGN

Photography: Mariel Hannah Photography

Styling: Ooh La Luxe

Make up: Tricia Leigh

Hair: Carleen Murphy

Veils: Mary Rita

Model: Melody Dare

Sneak peeks of Alissa and Neil’s Engagement Party!


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This engagement party was such a fabulous event! Alissa (the bride) reached out to us shortly after she got engaged, feeling very excited to start planning her engagement party. She found us on instagram and it was a true match! Her girly glitz and glamour showed through the entire planning process. We were drawn to golds, creams, pink & blush tones for all the decor. The florals were romantic but we kept them fun and flirty with pops of pink garden roses and whimsy greenery. This is just the sneak peak so stay tuned for more photos soon!

Event Planning, Design & Florals: MINT DESIGN

Photography: Laura Danielle Photography

Rentals: All Celebrations Rental

Cake and Macarons: De Coeur Bakeshop

Paper Products: Matinae Design Studio

Dress: Fashionista

Necklace: House of Tahlula

10306771_609883295793451_7305218241678699656_n 10295711_609883362460111_1753218587271093216_n 10502229_609883309126783_1434891834307805761_n 10547645_609883482460099_3130457759984845309_n 10509532_609883392460108_2076065426413739234_n 10574387_609883319126782_5206099748668626065_n 10537021_609883342460113_3380728497810979030_n


Will you be my bridesmaid?

Hey everyone! If you are newly engaged perk your ears! We know the stresses of planning your wedding seem endless leaving you tired and at a loss of ideas. Here at MINT DESIGN we take pride in the small details. One of the first things on your to do list as a proud new diamond ring owner is to ask your bridesmaid to stand by your side! This is an important first task as it sets the style, feel, colors and gives a sneak peek into your wedding! We have a special BM box that’s customizable to each bride. These bridesmaids boxes can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. We work hand in hand with you to create a box that fits your style! Our goal is for your maids’ to say yes and jump for joy with a feeling of girlyness! If a box is not for you, there are many more options to suit your shipping, giving and surprise worthy needs! Say yes with MINT DESIGN! Event Design MINT DESIGN. Paper products by Matinae Design Studio! Matinae Design Studio is fabulous and will custom make any style, color and font you desire! Photography by Ashley dePencier Photography. Custom Macarons by De Coeur Bakeshop

photo_MG_6984 _MG_7010_MG_6995_MG_6979_MG_6982_MG_6989_MG_7012=_MG_6998_MG_6999_MG_7031

Featured in..

Good Morning! We are so humbed to have our work showcased on these blogs and magazines! We have been in business for 7 months and have so much to share with you since our debut. Design means so much to us here at MINT DESIGN. We work hard to keep our portfolio current, modern and always up to date on the latest wedding/event & design trends. Collaborating with various vendors to create our “Styled Shoots” are so important to us. Styled Shoots allow us to explore our creativity to the fullest trying out new trends and looks which we present to our readers and clients. Receiving feedback from our followers, letting us know what they liked or did not like about the design is very important to us as it is ultimately what the client wants and invisions for their event or wedding. Our portfolio is growing everyday so please hang tight while we showcase our work in a blog form until we have our website up and running! Enjoy!


100 lcsmitten_badgeIBT-Badge-Whitecropped-TULLE41AsFeaturedDebiLillyfeatured-badge-01



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