Trendy Bride Magazine Feature

This amazing shoot was given the cover of Trendy Bride Magazine which is sold at Barnes and Nobles Bookstores nationwide. We had the opportunity to work with amazing vendors and showcase our true strengths and creativeness during this Spring styled bridal shoot. Enjoy! Contact us for your wedding! We design, style, plan and coordinate all weddings big and small!

Design, Planning & Florals MINT DESIGN
Photography Mariel Hannah Photography
Wardrobe Styling Ooh La Luxe
Hair Jacob Hernandez
Make up Devina Tarango
Chandelier All Celebrations The Rentals
Ribbon Silk and Willow
Models Dana Tyne
Cake De Coeur Bakeshop
Paper Products Joelle Charming
Feature Trendy Bride Magazine

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Happy New Year from MINT DESIGN!

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Pipe and Drape All Celebrations Rental

Photography Carissa Cady Photographyimg_3332

“Do you want to save time and money? Then listen up! We have a few great ideas for a fun, easy and affordable back drop that you can make right at home. After the craziness of Christmas is over and you are left with your decorations, don’t throw them out just yet! We have a come up with a fun and fast idea to repurpose your Christmas decorations to make a selfie station right at home. New Years is all about capturing your night in a still frame and if you are lucky, at the stroke of midnight with a kiss! A photo wall backdrop is an inexpensive way to create a party atmosphere with only taking up 6×4 feet! We started by stringing a line horizontally on the wall attached with thumb tacks on the right and left side. Using the repurposed tinsel from our Christmas tree, we began to string on various lengths of tinsel alternating colors and length. We added on various items we had such as these disco ball ornaments that fit perfectly with the New Year’s “ball drop” theme. We aso took a few leftover cardboard Christmas present boxes and cut out various shapes and symbols that we use everyday. Hashtags, @ signs and exclaimation marks OH MY! This can easily be done by flattening out your largest boxes, sketching out your “#” for example and then cutting it out. Spray paint it any color you like and add touches like gold glitter! Another fun touch is to make confetti for those candid action shots! We cut ours out using various colors and tissue paper and mixed them together in a bowl. A little bit goes a long way! Next it’s time to grab your phones and start taking those selfless! Happy New Year!” Lotta of MINT DESIGNimg_3308img_3377

A German Christmas featured on 100 Layer Cake

marielhannah-04830001marielhannah-04830066marielhannah-04830079 marielhannah-04830076marielhannah-04830071marielhannah-04830056 marielhannah-04830070  marielhannah-04830062  marielhannah-04830055marielhannah-04830051  marielhannah-04830049marielhannah-04830048 marielhannah-04830046marielhannah-04830040 marielhannah-04830038 marielhannah-04830033marielhannah-04830012 marielhannah-04830011 marielhannah-04830008 marielhannah-04830007 marielhannah-04830002

Featured on 100 Layer Cake…”Everyone has their holiday traditions. It’s so fun to find new ones to fold into your own events. These recipes that Lotta of MINT DESIGN shared are perfect to celebrate the season with, we think. She teamed up with Mariel Hannah Photography to share her family’s German tradition of baking + sipping: In a traditional German home, the holidays revolve much around baking, drinking and entertaining. All of my relatives live in Germany and Sweden making it hard to see them during the holidays. So during Christmas time, we pretend we are in Germany by busting out the baking supplies, gathering the vino and spices, and we bake the night away!”

German Bier Garden Party Featured on Wedding Chicks

We gathered inspiration from our family and German heritage that lies dear to our heart. Leading up to the party we created lots of easy DIY crafts to make one of a kind décor! Blue and white ribbon chandeliers symbolized the traditional décor that hangs in the bier gardens, like the highly popular Hofbräuhaus in Munich Germany. Guests were seated at authentic bier garden tables from Germany, which we decorated with faux fur for a modern touch. The tablescape was meant to be simple and minimal as these skinny German bier garden tables are meant to hold large beer mugs, pretzels and lots of people. Empty beer bottles served as candleholders to add height to the table. 

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Event Design & Concept: Mint Design

Photography: Claire Dobson Photography

Paper Products: Matinae Design Studio

Cake & Cookies: De Coeur Bakeshop


Holiday Card featured on Inspired By This


Photography: Mariel Hannah Photography

Skirt: Bliss Tulle

Feature: Inspired by This

We met at the University of Arizona in Tucson in October 2008. Both Cali natives we love being outdoors, exploring new things and enjoying our days running around with our two fur babies, Nala and Chloe. We are to be wed in 6 short months and are taking in every second of wedding planning bliss! Marcos got down on one knee and proposed to me one year ago (December 6th!) on a frigid Friday evening over looking the Chicago skyline. It was absolutely perfect! The air was so frigid it was like we were frozen in time together. He planned a secret trip all around the engagement, which I was completely (I mean completely!!) unaware of. He had so many people in on this little secret who I still am finding out were involved. With that being said, Christmas is a very very special time of year for us. We wanted unique Christmas card pics that showed our love for one another, the love we have for our dogs and the love we have for the Caifornia outdoors. As a designer, my company MINT DESIGN had to step in! Keeping a simple theme, we gathered a few fun glitzy items to create a focal point a midst the orange trees. Tinsel, a gold sequin blanket, copper handle bear mugs from Target for our hot cocoa and wreath symbolized our to be unity! Our girls (as we call them) wore greenery collars with a few red and orange blooms which they found extremely annoying and amusing at the same time. I wanted to wear something fun and unexpected that would standout on someone’s fridge. So my first thought was my favorite tulle designer, Bliss Tulle! Their cream maxi skirt was a perfect wow factor and added just the right touch of “P.S. in case you forgot, I’m going to be a bride!” Our shoot was simple and unique but most importantly, it was so us!

marielhannah-1 marielhannah-9 marielhannah-10 marielhannah-25 marielhannah-36 marielhannah-37 marielhannah-44 marielhannah-48 marielhannah-68 marielhannah-69 marielhannah-72 marielhannah-75 marielhannah-82 marielhannah-83 marielhannah-88 marielhannah-92 marielhannah-94 marielhannah-101 marielhannah-109 marielhannah-114 marielhannah-115 marielhannah-121 marielhannah-6039-2 marielhannah-6045-2 marielhannah-6050 marielhannah-6056

Love Letters featured on Wedding Sparrow

“She awoke.. Breathing in cool autumn air just as the morning ray begin to trickle in through her open windows.  She entangles herself deeper into the warm linen, welcoming the warmth it provides a comparison to the cool air that filled her home during her evenings rest. There she lay, admiring the stillness and hush of the morning.  Just beyond her walls the leaves turn, changing colors from that of green to vibrant hues of reds and yellows.  “This” she thought “..This is when life is in harmony, this moment of in-between which is to be of imperfection but in fact is perfection…”

Photography: Mariel Hannah Design & Style: Mint Design Florals: Mint Design | Sheets & Bedding:Anthropologie | Dress: Free People

marielhannah-00080026-2 marielhannah-00080030 marielhannah-00080099 marielhannah-00080101-2 marielhannah-00080111-2 marielhannah-00080132 marielhannah-00080134 marielhannah-00080138 marielhannah-00080145 marielhannah-00080159-2 marielhannah-00080163-2 marielhannah-00080172 marielhannah-00080173-2 marielhannah-00080177 marielhannah-00080184-2 marielhannah-00080207-2 marielhannah-00080210-2 marielhannah-00080221

Dreamy Sip N’ See Featured on Grey Likes Baby

GreyLikesBaby MintDesign0011 Dreamy Sip N See

“What is a Sip N’ See exactly? Let us share with you! While already popular in the south, the Sip N’ See is an up and coming trend for West Coast Moms looking for an alternative to a traditional shower. Perfect for Mom’s who may be on their second or third child or for Mom’s that just want a chance to show off the newest member of their family. The Sip N’ See invites you to grab a glass of bubbly and welcome the little bundle of joy into the world!

Our inspiration for this party stemmed from natural earthy elements and pops of bright, vibrant colors. When we were approached by our client, she had mentioned that the baby of honor was named Faye, which is a more mystical word for Fairy. So immediately we thought of a dreamy, mossy environment where Faye was the focus. Loose flowly organic florals, an abundance of sweets, a bassinette, Glamfete tissue paper garlands, moss and giant terraniums filled this beautiful southern style home.  Warm wheat hemstitch linens, mix matched colored plates, various patterned linen napkins, mod gold flatware, amber and emerald glass goblets decorated the table. Real moss blanketed the table and served as a forest bed for the lush florals. We sliced pieces of wood into small rounds to serve as mini platters for food and floral accents. A chandelier we created out of a wooden wreath wrapped in foraged greenery with strips of ivory fabric danced in the trees. Drop it Modern’s gold sequin backdrop created a pop of sparkle and served as a selfie station!- Lotta

Event Design, Planning and Florals- MINT DESIGN

Photography- Carissa Cady Photography
Sweets- De Coeur Bakeshop
Rentals- Walker Lewis Rents
Tassels- GlamFete
Books- Fairy Birds
Sequin Backdrop- Drop It Modern
Catering- Moo Creamery

img_1551 img_1561 img_1563 img_1570 img_1590 img_1617 img_1620 img_1623 img_1634 img_1638 img_1644 img_1645 img_1647 img_1666 img_1680 img_1684 img_1711 img_1712 img_1714 img_1721 img_1740 img_1747 img_1754 img_1773 img_1789 img_1800 img_1814 img_1822 img_1833 img_1841 img_1849 img_1857 img_1868 img_1888 img_1900 img_1931 img_1937 img_1957 img_2028 img_2040 img_2206 img_2218 img_2428 img_2456 img_2530 img_2557


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